About us

UFSIT was founded by Jordan Wiens and John Sawyer in 2006, shortly after their team’s win at the DEFCON 14 capture the flag competition. Several students approached Jordan and John, wanting to learn more about security, which led to the formation of the club.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for students to learn more about all areas of information security, including topics such as penetration testing, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, digital forensics, and more.


Every year we elect new officers and chairs to run our club — our current board is as follows:

  • President — Adam H.
  • Vice President — Olivia B.
  • Treasurer — Gabi T.
  • Secretary — Eric M.
  • Competition Officer — Cole S.
  • Fundraising Chair — Heidi G.
  • Red Team Chair — Ayden C.
  • Blue Team Chair — Ben R.
  • Blue Team Co-Chair — Alex C.
  • External Liason — Jason D.
  • Internal Liason — Alanis R.
  • Webmaster — Ziyin L.


We are very thankful for our faculty sponsor, Dr. Joseph N. Wilson, as well as our industry sponsor (and original co-founder), John H. Sawyer — both of whom make this club possible.

For organizations interested in sponsoring UFSIT, please see our sponsorship packet for details.

Download Sponsorship Packet (PDF)